Welcome to the website for the Boston University Triathlon Team. Our mission is to bring a triathlon presence to the BU community and offer a way for students to learn about the sport and compete intercollegiately. The goal is to make triathlons fun and accessible and to show that athletes at the collegiate level are capable of being competitive in the broader triathlon community. All it takes is the desire to improve and the willingness to train. Olympic distance triathlons in particular-typically 1500 meters of swimming, 25 miles of biking, and 6.2 miles of running-are easier to complete than many people think, and we encourage all full-time undergraduate and graduate students to come out for the BU team.

The Boston University Triathlon Team contains members ranging in experience from beginners to triathletes who have been competitively racing for years. We are continually growing as a team, and we welcome anyone who is interested in competitive racing, or just looking for a way to stay in shape!

Upcoming Winter Races

NECTC Indoor Bike Time Trial

Hyannis Marathon, Half-Marathon, and Marathon Relay


2014 Triathlon Season is complete!

Final NECTC Results:

Women’s Team: 1st Place

Men’s Team: 7th Place

Combined Team: 3rd Place


Full team and individual

results can be found here:


USAT My Story article

about Nick Wendel and

Carolyn Harper biking

across America

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